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                                  Network Technology for Intelligent Homes and Buildings
EIB in action

EIB can be installed into any kind of building:

Common Applications:

Homes Usage includes
Office block Lighting and Venetian Blind control
Utility building Heating and Ventilation control
Hotel Airconditioning
Hospital Monitoring and Signalling
School or Load management
Industrial installations Power outlet Interfaces

                                                   EHSA member list July 2001                                                                        

Nr Company Country Membership
1. Alice Forum J Organisation Associate
3. Atac NL Company Associate
4. Betronic NL Company Associate
5. Bioingenieria Aragonesa E Ordinary Member
6. Bosch Telecom D Ordinary Member
7. British Gas UK Ordinary Member
8. Bticino S.p.A. I Ordinary Member
9. Ceba CND Organisation Associate
10. CTR GmbH A Individual Associate
11. Deutsche Telekom D Ordinary Member
12. Digades LTD Corporate Associate
13. EA Technology UK Ordinary Member
14. Electrabel B Ordinary Member
15. Electricité de France DOPS F Sponsor Member
16. Electrolux I Sponsor Member
17. ENEL I Sponsor Member
18. France Telecom CNET F Ordinary Member
19. Gran-Jansen N Individual Associate
20. Groupe Schneider F Sponsor Member
21. Home Automation Association USA Organisation Associate
22. HOMEDIA F Individual Associate
23. Honeywell AG D Ordinary Member
24. Invensys Controls D Ordinary Member
25. Kromschröder AG D Ordinary Member
26. Merloni I Ordinary Member
27. NTUA GR Organisation Associate
28. Pace Micro Technology PLC UK Ordinary Member
29. RWE Energie AG D Ordinary Member
30. Schlumberger Electricité F Ordinary Member
31. Siemens A & D D Sponsor Member
32. Siemens Building Technology LtD CH Sponsor Member
33. SIPRO I Ordinary Member
34. ST Microelectronics F Ordinary Member
35. Telenia S.r.l I Individual Associate
36. Trialog F Sponsor Member
37. University of Bristol UK Ordinary Member
38. University of Patras GR Ordinary Member
40. Whirlpool SA I Ordinary Member

EIB controls all kinds of functions in these types of buildings via a Low Voltage Bus Cable (Twisted Pair) or via the mains (230Volt, Power Line).
EIB is a bus-system with de-centralised intelligence, meaning that there is no need for a central controller or PC. The advantage is that the whole system is not dependend on just ONE controller.The EIB system is very flexible because of this, because in case of extensions you only need to program the products that are added to the system.
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