Building automation





For many years, Telenia has been working in Building and Home Automation. Here, Telenia is engaged in the development of systems for safety, comfort and for the automation of routine household operations. Telenia is a member of EHSA-Konnex. this association is defining the communication standards and protocols for the Home System equipment. The automation of buildings and households takes roots in industrial automation, in which Telenia is particularly experienced. In Industrial automation and Process control, Telenia specializes in the design of high-tech products and service. Telenia service are offered by an extremely experienzed staff and trained technicians. Telenia is extremely competitive in the supply of automation systems, which need customization and integration. The experience acquired over so many years has led Telenia to establish cooperation whit many companies engaged in the same field.

Telenia sells products and services concerning:

  • Operator Interfaces
  • Distributed I/O systems
  • Data collection and processing systems
  • Barcode reading and printing devices
  • Software supervision machinery
  • Remote control networks
  • PLC Firmware development
  • Interfacing software
  • System supply hardware